Saturday, 1 December 2018

Advent 2018 - Day One

Ooh, what is this?  Molly asks.

Looks like the scene for this year's Advent Calendar.  Sophia replies.

At last!  A more 'girly' themed calendar. They both think as they look at it.

Look there is the first door.  Sophia points it out to Molly.  You open the door first as you have been here almost the longest.

Molly is delighted to be the first to open this year's calendar.

She carefully opens it.

It is a big door!  She says.

Oh, look at this.  

It is a princess!  Sophia says.  

I think we have to put her skirt on.  Molly says as she holds the little princess up.

They put the skirt on the princess and then pop down in the middle of the scene. 

She looks a bit lonely at the moment.  Sophia says.

But at least she has a little doll friend.  Molly notes.

Pretty little princess.

Sophia and Molly are the first two girls to put on their Christmas dresses.  

Happy girls today.

Not sure what the boys are going to think, as usually the Advent Calendars are more themed towards their interests!


  1. Yay! The Advent calendar is back! My boys (BR, Pete Dakota, and Stephen Orange) begged me all November to get them one, but yours is the best. They are eagerly anticipating the next draws! John

    1. A slightly different theme this year to what we usually go with...partly because what we wanted wasn't available. Will have to buy it when it is, in readiness for next year!

  2. The boys have had plenty of Advent Calendars they like - looks like the girls will have fun this year (though I suspect some of the boys will like this one too).

    1. That is true, they do tend to get a bit favoured when it comes to Advent Calendars. I am sure some will like it though.

  3. Well, if there's a princess, there's likely to be a prince too, and then maybe even a dragon or some other peril? Love the holiday dresses the girls are wearing.

    1. You never know! The girls were thrilled to rummage around in the Christmas dresses box to choose what they wanted to wear.

  4. I always enjoy seeing the dolls open their calendar.

  5. I meant to add that little princess is adorable.


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