Thursday, 6 December 2018

Advent 2018 - Day Six

Ziva finds Bonnie playing with the Advent scene.  

Bonnie asks her if she is going to open a little window today.

Ziva tells her she would like to very much.

Bonnie points to the calendar.

Ziva looks at the Calendar trying to find number six.

It doesn't take her long.

She shows the little package to Bonnie who is looking eagerly to see what is inside it.

They are delighted to discover it is a little Christmas Tree.

Ziva holds it out for Bonnie to have a closer look.

Ziva places it in the ballroom.

It is starting to look good.

They chat with each other for a while, having a giggle about how they both chose similar dresses to wear.

Ziva proudly poses for her Christmas photo.

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