Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Advent 2018 - Day Eleven

Hello Susan, you look nice in that dress.  Cora says.

Thank you Cora, I love the dress you have on as well.  Susan replies.

It is great we get to have the Advent Calendar this year, don't you think?  Susan asks Cora.

It sure is!  Cora replies.

Now where is the Number 11? Susan wonders.

Aha!  Here it is.  Susan says.

She opens the door.

Ooh, look! She exclaims enthusiastically.  It is a little musician!

He is playing the recorder.

Susan puts him down on the little scene and Cora sits down to help set it all up.

Susan was thrilled that the calendar is for the girls this year, although isn't so enthusiastic about her Christmas photo!

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