Saturday, 29 December 2018

Christmas Sewing & Knitting

I managed to find my inspiration and did some Christmas sewing.  Fortunately I didn't need to do any for the Sasha dolls this year as they already had all their Christmas dresses. Instead I focused mainly on my Sindy dolls.  I used to mainly sew for this size dolls (mainly Tressy, but Sindy too) before I discovered the Sasha dolls, so it has been fun 'rediscovering' them again. 

I made three of my girls long sleeve Christmas dresses.

I then made some sleeveless Christmas dresses.

Some were for gifts for friends, and I also knitted a matching cardigan and added a little knitted sack and a Christmas stocking I made.

Dress two, and the little accessories I made.

An example of what the little cardigans looked like.

Dress three.

I didn't knit this dress, but have had it a while and thought it was lovely, but don't have a doll it fits, so sent it as a gift to a friend who has larger baby dolls.  

A couple of Christmas stockings also sent as gifts.

I also made up another gift pack with 

This dress

...a little knitted sack and the following stocking.

Another friend I sent this little Nancy Ann Story book doll as she has always admired my little Nancy.

I made her a little Christmas dress to wear.

I made a couple of Christmas dresses to put on Ebay and in my Etsy shop.

I made another long sleeve Christmas dress.

Love this gingerbread dress...

I added a little cardigan to go with the dress.

Oh and then another couple of dresses...I was on a roll!  

Just love this dress and this girl, she is so glamorous,

She joined another on my desk.

Plus a little dress for Gigi.

Various small dresses were made for this group of dolls, that then moved to the hallway dresser...

I made a little Christmas patchwork quilt and some bedding for this little pram that was kindly given to me.

Sindy was pleased to be able to get out with one of the little ones to get a bit of fresh air.

I made four little cushions for the Sindy's lounge suite and they were very pleased with them.

Oh and I also made a waistcoat for Action Girl, but I haven't taken a photo of that.

I'm sure I have probably missed something!


  1. Your holiday displays are beautiful, as are all the new outfits. You certainly have your sewing mojo back!

  2. What pretty dresses! Your girls are ready for all of the holiday parties.

    1. Thank you. They certainly enjoyed being dressed up for the Christmas season

  3. it is so good to see that you have been sewing and knitting again after a long break, and what a production line! The Sindy dresses look every good and nicely hide their extended leggyness. The little cushions look very good too.

    1. Of course I haven't done any sewing since! Ha ha.

  4. And I can't thank you enough for that beautiful gift of Nancy Ann and all those gorgeous little extras. .they mean the world to me 😊😍


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