Monday, 3 December 2018

Advent 2018 - Day Three

Sophia and Molly are having a sleep in this morning, so Everlee joins Sasha at the Advent Calendar.

Everlee has just chosen her Christmas dress.  Sasha thinks she made a good choice and suggests she opens the Calendar today.

They are looking forward to seeing what is inside today's window.

They studiously look for the third door.

Oh look, it is a double door today!  Everlee says.  

What a shame Sophia is here, she could have opened it with you as she hasn't opened a window yet. Sasha tells Everlee

Ooh, I wonder what is inside?

Everlee sits down to open the bag.

Oh what is this?

No, it can't be a skateboard!

It is a little table!  Everlee puts it on the little scene.

I hope there will be some chairs to go with it!  

I am sure there will be chairs behind one of the other doors.  Sasha says to Everlee.

There has to be doesn't there?  

Everlee looks delightful in her choice of dress today.

To me she has the real 'classic' Sasha look and I really love this girl.


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