Monday, 17 December 2018

Advent 2018 - Day Seventeen

Peggy Sue asks Clara if she would like to have a go at opening the Advent Calendar today.

Clara was delighted to have a turn.

You look for today's date and then you open the little door to find out what is inside.  Peggy Sue explains to Clara.

Clara has a good look...

Aha, here it is.

She opens the little door 


Do you know what this is?

The girls look at the little violin.

Isn't it tiny?!

Clara gives it to the little Playmobil boy to play.

There, a job well done.  She says.

The musicians are almost ready to perform for the Grand Christmas Ball.

Clara had chosen this dress for her Christmas photo.


  1. These girls interact so well together. Their pose-ability is amazing.

    1. Don't they just?! Just love how well these dolls can pose.

  2. Clara was wearing just the right musical dress to find that gift of a violin from the Advent Calendar.


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