Thursday, 13 December 2018

Advent 2018 - Day Thirteen

Stevie admires the dress that Summer has chosen to wear for Christmas.

What's this?  She asks Stevie as she looks at the little Advent scene.

Stevie explains all about how we have an Advent Calendar each year, although usually the boys get to open it.  

This year it is our turn though.  Do you want to open today's window?

Oh yes indeed. Summer says.

Today is the thirteenth!

Here we go.

Oh look.  I wonder what this is?  She holds it up to show Stevie.

It looks like it might be flowers and a vase.  Stevie suggests.

Sure enough it was and Summer puts it down on the scene.

The table is looking quite decorative now. Stevie says.

Summer poses for her Christmas photo.  

Stevie reminded me that I had forgotten to take her Christmas photo yesterday, so I took it today for her.

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