Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Advent 2018 - Day Five

Can Bonnie open the Calendar today please Molly?  Everlee asks.

Of course she can.  Molly replies.

You would like that wouldn't you Bonnie?  Molly asks her.

Yes please. Bonnie says eagerly. 

Everlee guides her to the calendar to help her look for the number five.

Bonnie is only just starting to learn about numbers and takes her time to find it.

Here it is, she says triumphantly.  

She bends down to open the little window.

What have you got in there Bonnie?  Molly asks.

Little chairs.  Bonnie replies.

Look, aren't they cute. 

Bonnie puts them up at the table.

That's it, careful does it.  Molly tells her.

I wonder if there are going to be more chairs?  Bonnie asks.  

Let's hope so, as there are four place settings!

Sweet little Bonnie.

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