Friday, 7 December 2018

Advent 2018 - Day Seven

Hey there Sasha. Peggy Sue greets Sasha.  I see you chose to wear a Ginger Bread Man dress like me!

 Sasha asks.  They don't really go with the dress do they?

Well I like them, and I couldn't find my others this morning.  Peggy Sue explains.

Sasha thinks it was more likely that Peggy Sue couldn't be bothered to find them, but wisely doesn't say anything.

It is Peggy Sue's turn to open the Calendar today.  She hunts for the right door and doesn't take long to find it.

She kneels down to open the window with Sasha watching closely.

Ooh, I wonder what is inside?  They both say.

Look it is a little box by the looks of things.  Peggy Sue shows Sasha the package.

Sure enough when she takes it out of the packaging it is a little box.

Look!  It has a tiny little doll inside.  Peggy Sue says as she holds the little box to show Sasha.

With the lid back on the box, she puts it down underneath the Christmas Tree.

This is very nice isn't it?  Peggy Sue says as she and Sasha admire the little Ballroom.

It sure is. Sasha says dreamily.  Do you sometimes wish we could go to a Christmas Ball and be beautiful Princesses?  

I think we already are Princesses!  Peggy Sue says.

What do you think?


  1. I'm always in awe of how realistically Peggy Sue is able to bend and pose. Quite a little gem, she is!

  2. princesses don't have to have tights matching their dresses all the time!

  3. Peggy Sue is adorable, gingerbread buttons and all!


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