Sunday, 2 December 2018

Advent 2018 - Day Two

Sophia and Molly are joined by Sasha this morning.

Good morning Sasha, they both greet her.

I like the dress you have chosen to wear for Christmas Sasha.  Molly says.

Yes, I like Gingerbread men.  Sasha tells them.  I hope we get to have some this Christmas to eat!

Oh I hope so too.  Molly agrees.

Sasha is the lucky girl to open today's door.

Here it is.  She says.

I wonder what is behind this little door.

Ooh what is this?!

Sasha pulls out the little package and opens it.

Oh look!  How sweet, a little Chihuahua!  

How perfect is this?!  

I am going to put him down here.  She says.

She carefully puts the little dog down...

and he immediately gets stuck into a little bowl of food.

Not long before he has gobbled all the food up.

Just like Percy.  She says with a giggle.  He eats his food really quickly as well.

The girls agree getting a little Chihuahua was perfect today.

Sasha was thrilled to get to open a window today and posed for her Christmas photo.

Sasha was my first Sasha, hence her name!  As a member of the 'Rosehip Chicks',  she is also pleased to have finished her concerts for the season.


  1. What a cute little Chihuahua! Very sweet.

    1. These calendars are such fun. It still feels slightly 'wrong' having a girly calendar, but hey, got to be fair I suppose! :)

  2. Sasha's dress is adorable. My first Sasha was a blonde and I called her Sasha of course! This advent calendar is full of treasures. Looking forward to seeing how it unfolds.

    1. Funny how most of us have called our first Sasha, 'Sasha' :) This calendar feels quite different this year, I am so used to the boy 'activity' calendars...I nearly bought one for them yesterday when I was out but resisted the temptation, as I really only do need just one!


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