Monday, 24 December 2018

Advent 2018 - Day Twenty Four - Christmas Eve!

Hey there Henry.  

Hi Alice.

Have you come to open the last window Henry?

Yes!  All the other girls wanted me to open it today as they said it was only right.

Now where is the last door?

Aha, here it is down here.

Henry bends down to ope the last window.

Out pops a little princess with some accessories.


What do you think those white things are Alice?

No idea Henry!

The little ribbon and bow on the back of the princess.

Henry and Alice admire the scene, but are still stumped by the little white plastic discs.

Henry couldn't find his red shirt, so decided that the green would be okay.

He is wishing for a hair job for Christmas!  As he is almost completely bald at the back, he has to posed rather strategically!  


  1. I hope Henry's Christmas wish comes true.

  2. seems fitting that Henry would be involved! I can't figure out the discs either! hmmm, we'll never know!

  3. I was just thinking how nice Henry's hair is at the front. Handsome boy!

  4. A rather special Christmas wish then 'Dear' Henry! How could Father Christmas refuse YOU of all Gregors!


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