Friday, 28 December 2018

Christmas 2018 - The Displays.

I will do a photo with all the Sasha girls together before they change out of the their Christmas clothes...but they will stay in situ until the 12th Day.  In the meantime I thought I would post a few photos of the various Christmas displays and decorations we have out this year.  After a very  minimalist Christmas last year, I went completely overboard this year! 

The Sasha girls adorned the dresser in the dining room

As well as the top of my writing bureau.

Tucked under the larger tree in the lounge were Peggy Sue and Clara as well as some of my Sindy dolls.

The other corner with the smaller tree started off like this...

But soon Big Betsy wanted to join in the fun as well as Henry of course.

Nomi also joined the party.

There are also some Sindys under this tree as well.

All good fun!

The Rose Cottage Hitty's also enjoyed decorating their home, and photos can be seen on their blog:

Here and here


  1. wow, your displays this year are quite something! By contrast we have one medium sized Christmas tree in our living room as usual, the front window decorated for the community advent calendar and the Sasha dolls with their 2 small Christmas trees upstairs in the doll/sewing room. I didn't get my Maciak and Plusczok dolls out for their tree this year.

    1. I actually really enjoyed getting everything set up...although clearing the dining room took some doing after all our various renovations during the year and then having secondary glazing put in my bedroom beginning of December. Made up for having no trees or Sashas out last year, apart from one very tiny display on the coffee table.

  2. All looking very Festive! (Daren't think of just how long it all took you!)


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