Friday 23 November 2018

Happy Birthday Peggy Sue!

Peggy Sue had quite the surprise when she got up this morning.  There on her chaise lounge were a pile of brand new clothes.

Are these for me?  She asks.

Yes they are.  A very happy birthday to you sweet girl.

She couldn't wait to try them on.

First up was the little purple skirt and blouse

A perfect fit!  She declares.

The cardigan is the perfect addition for these colder days that have arrived.

She tries on the little reversible waistcoat.

Don't you think this is pretty?  She asks.

Next she tries on her new trousers. The have such a bright and fun pattern to brighten up these dull winter days.

She changes the waist coat round and wears it with the reverse side showing.

Next she tries on the cardigan to go with the trousers.

Next up is her party dress, ready for her birthday party tomorrow.

She does a little twirl.

Thank you so much I just LOVE my new clothes!  This dress is soooo pretty.

Later on in the day while Peggy Sue was out...

The girls get together to set up the room for the party tomorrow.

Everlee, Molly and Emily discuss how to decorate the room.

This really needs to go higher.  Molly says.

It certainly does.  Emily agrees.

We just don't have a lot of room to hang it, that is the problem!  They both say and ponder on what can be done....


  1. that's so sweet of them to decorate so nicely for Peggy Sue's party!

  2. So adorable! Pretty clothes Peggy Sue! Happy real birthday!

  3. What lovely new clothes you have Peggy Sue! They compliment your beauty perfectly. It's so nice that your sisters are planning a party for you. All of us at Gregoropolis wish you a very happy birthday!


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