Sunday 1 September 2019

Creative Week 17

I've had quite a creative week, AND I've started to feel better too...long may it last! I have had about four good days in a row now!  I do have to go for a blood test on Monday and my biopsy results on Tuesday, but hopefully all is good.  

I finished the bear I was making for my husband's birthday

He is a nice handful.

I made him shorts and a sweater.

He met Martha and she thought he was a lovely fellow

Barnaby Bear.


I made a pair of dungarees for Martha.  Plus a 'T Shirt' to go under them:

Here she is wearing them while she inspects the progress of 'Maude' the third elephant in the series I am making.

I have also made her another little dress:

A cactus

A basket of strawberries and a cup, saucer and plates.

These accessories are part of a new 'project/challenge' I have started:  100 Days of Martha the Elephant's World.  

This little case is part of my '100 Days of Martha's World' project.  So far I have 'laid' the flooring and wallpapered the back wall.  The table is made from a coaster I made just before I hit my teens.  I have used velcro to join the two pieces together so that if I ever want it to revert back to a coaster I can.  The four little flowers will eventually be the hooks for her to hang her clothes on. 

The project will consist of spending a least 15 minutes each day crafting or working on something for Martha (or her friends) and taking a photograph each day.  I will set up a separate page for the 100 day photos.  I'm currently at Day Seven.   

This coming week I hope to work on my two tiny rag dolls that are currently sitting in my work basket and to finish the clothing for the other four.  


  1. that's so creative! Is it a challenge you heard of somewhere or just one you have laid out for yourself? after 100 days, I am not sure all of Martha's treasures are going to fit into the box!

    1. There are various 100 day challenges. I originally started one while in NZ, but with my Dad's accident and other things, it all fell by the wayside. A friend did something similar with a little rag doll. I've been meaning to try again, so here goes! It doesn't always have to be making things, but I hope to do at least some crafting everyday. I will take a photo everyday. That is the aim anyway. Yes she might need another box!

  2. Barnaby and his little shorts outfit is just too cute! And the sweet, tiny knitted doll clothes are just so perfect. Looking forward to the daily Martha Elephant pictures.

    Hope all the medical results are good.

    Teresa F.

    1. Thank you.

      My husband is pleased with him, so that is good.

      I have set up a page now for Martha's 100 Day Challenge. It is on the top tab bar.

  3. I am glad you are feeling better.

    You have certainly gotten a ton of work done. Martha and Barnaby are delightful together. I can't wait to meet Maude.

    1. I am so glad as well. Maude will hopefully be making her debut this coming Sunday and then she will be packaged up to send to my Mum and sister along with Mavis.


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