Sunday 22 September 2019

Clipper, a Tiny Rag Doll

Yesterday I dyed one of my Tiny Rag Doll bodies that I had just sewn in some tea.

It looked very dark when I first took it out.

but did dry a lighter colour.  Sorry I forgot to take a photo before I started turning inside out.

The straw is one of those 'recyclable' straws and is the perfect tool for turning things inside out.  The best I have had for these dolls.

I have felt quite rough today after a really good week, so have mainly sat, sewn and knitted today.

Limbs stuffed.

Head and necked partially stuffed ready to sew the arms on.


Arms sewn on, and then I stuff some more of the body.

Legs sewn on.

I sew one leg first then add more stuffing, then sew the front of the second leg, add more stuffing and then finish off.

Trying a wig I had crocheted a few days ago for size.

I like it, so will use this wig.

I embroidered her face and then sewed her hair into place.  I forgot to take a photo of this next step.

A little summer top made - yes even though it is the end of summer, I have wanted to make this for ages.  I have used some of the fabric I got from a charity shop in NZ when I was there.

I knitted her a little top and also sewed her some bloomers and a matching skirt to go with the dress.

I also knitted a pair of underwear for her. 

This time I made her removable shoes.  I need to make some more of different colours, but I started with the pink 

Skirt and top, with bloomers and shoes.

This skirt I dyed in the beetroot water I had left over from boiling the home grown beetroot yesterday.

It is a little long on her, she turned out smaller than I expected.  I am guessing the fabric shrunk a bit when being dyed.

Back of little top and skirt.

Complete outfits so far.  Not bad for a day's work.


  1. What a cute little dolly. She is brand new and she already has two outfits. Lucky girl.

    1. Thank you. Sometimes you can have really productive days, even if not how you originally intended them to be.


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