Thursday 19 September 2019

A Couple of Outings.

The weather has been fabulous this week, and today and yesterday Martha got to visit a couple of places for the first time.  Today Nancy, Lucy and Rose also came along and they declared the gardens just perfect.

Yesterday Martha enjoyed a walk around Wrest Park, once of our favourite places to visit, as it is relatively close and easy to get to.  She is pleased to be getting out and about a little bit.

Today we visited the Celebration and Dahlia gardens in St Albans.

Martha was delighted to find some pumpkins!

She admired the Dahlias up close and personal.

Sat amongst the flowers

Laid back and relaxed to the hum of bees.

Nancy hasn't been out for a while so she was pleased to get some time in a beautiful garden as well.

Rose and Lucy joined in and had fun too.

Rose thought this Dahlia matched her beautifully, and I think she is quite right!


  1. Martha and her friends seem to be having a wonderful time in the gardens. All of the girls are wearing very pretty dresses.


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