Monday 30 September 2019

A Mix n Match Wardrobe - Part One

A few days ago I started making a 'mix n match' wardrobe for Clipper, my newest TRD, and have shown some of the items I have made already.  To say she is my current 'obsession', is probably spot on.  I am really loving and enjoying this tiny little doll.  It is fun knitting up some quick and easy makes for her in the evening.  

Today I am supposed to be cleaning and tidying the kitchen - but I am easily distracted so I made her a reversible apron instead.  I'd already made her a dress in the early morning before I went for my walk.  Of course she said she will need an apron to help me with my chores, so fair enough.  Once I had engaged my brain, and after discussing the pockets with my friend, I did different pockets on this one, and am much happier with them, as this is what I wanted originally, but my thinking cap had been misplaced yesterday when I made the first apron.  

So here are a few photos of her new aprons and dress.  

She wore her new dress when we went out this morning for our walk.  I have shortened the length as she is a little bit shorter than my other TRDs, and so the first was a little bit long.

I've pulled in the fabrics from her first dress on this pocket.

Her second dress on this pocket.

It is always useful having a good pocket!

I love that with this shorter length, you can now see her bloomers peeking out the bottom.

Of course with a slight chill in the air a shawl is always handy to be able to wrap around the shoulders.

The back of the shawl.

Right I guess I better go and tackle the kitchen now before I have to start preparing dinner.  Fortunately I now have a well equipped helper!

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