Tuesday 3 September 2019

A Gift and Kindness.

We were sent this cute little doll in the weekend, and it was going to be for Everlee Rose, however, she came across Lewis sitting by himself.

What's up Lewis?  She asks.

Oh, I don't know, he says... I think I feel a little lonely at times.

You shouldn't feel lonely here.  She says.  

I tell you what, why don't you have this special little doll that was sent to us by Mummy's lovely friend Aunty Lel?

Really?  Lewis asks.

Of course.  She says and he reaches up for it.

Everlee gives Lewis the little doll and he immediately hugs it and gives it a kiss.

Everlee watches on with a warm feeling inside.

She can see she has made him really happy.

I'm going to take him to bed with me every night.  

Lewis tells her as he lays his head next to the little doll.

You'll have to think of a name for him now.  Everlee Rose tells Lewis.

Don't forget to write Aunty Lel, a thank you letter Lewis.  Everlee Rose says.

A little later Lewis is seen sitting on the settee still cuddling his new doll.

I have someone I can tell all my special secret thoughts to now.  He thinks to himself.

I wonder what he will name this sweet little doll?

A big thank you to Lel for thinking of us, and sending this little treasure.  You have made us all very happy and especially Lewis.


  1. That's very sweet! Everyone needs a special friend.

  2. Very sweet and a wonderful message! <3

  3. Everlee Rose is a sweet friend. Lewis looks so cute with his new pal.

  4. What a sweet story. And the way you position the dolls is really effective. xx


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