Saturday 31 August 2019

Pretty Girl in Orange.

At the beginning of August a friend alerted me to the fact that one of the online doll shops based here in England was closing down.  Sadly yet another.  I took advantage of their sale and bought a couple of outfits for Sienna (Saige) the one American Girl doll I am keeping.  (I currently still have two for sale if anyone is interested!).  Well I finally got round to trying an outfit on her today, and am really pleased with it.  It fits well and is very nicely made.  Sienna likes as well.

I think this is just the perfect outfit for her as we drift into the end of summer.  

Who said red heads can't wear orange?


I'm hoping to go through all my American Girl clothing and accessories this coming week to sort out what to keep for Sienna and what to pass on. That is the goal anyway!

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  1. Sienna looks adorable in that outfit. I only have one AG doll, Addy.

    I have a ton of other 18 inch dolls though. I am not sure how they found my house but I came home one day and there they were (laugh).


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