Monday 26 August 2019

The Sun is Shining

The other week I bought this little outfit from a lady who has bought the stock of 'My London Girl' who have sadly gone out of business.  I had hoped it would fit Peggy Sue, and it does.

The boots are of course a little big, but in true old fashioned style, they fit over Peggy Sue's shoes, so she said they were just fine.  This lovely yellow coat was just perfect for chasing the damp weather away as just after she wore this the sun came out!

On Friday afternoon Peggy Sue enjoyed a stroll in the garden with Geoffrey.

Yesterday, pretending she was attending the IOW Scooter Rally, Wren went for a ride on her Vespa.  

Afterwards she relaxed in the sun...I asked her if she wasn't a little too warm in her black leggings and boots, but she declared she was just fine.  So I left her to it.


  1. I love the yellow outfit. I don't know London Girl. I will have to do a Google search.

    It looks like the girls are having fun. How is Henry?

  2. Peggy Sue, you are a ray of sunshine in your lovely rain outfit!


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