Monday, 9 May 2022

Wren's Postcard Swap - Arrives in Finland!


Anki: Unna, we got mail!

Unna: Is it from Wren? 


Anki: Yes it is! The card came all the way from Isle of Wight. 

Unna: Ooh I wanna know what Wren says! 

Anki: Wren tells us about lovely beaches and walking paths.

Unna: That sounds fun!

Both: Thank you Wren! 

Anki: Now we need to write back to them.

Unna: I know the perfect card! 

Unna: Here it is.

Anki: Yes! That’s great! 

Anki: Let’s start with saying hello…

Unna: Now it’s ready! High five!

Anki: Yay! 

Many thanks to Unna & Anki's person for sending these photos and the story to us to post on our blog

It was a lot of fun!

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