Friday 12 May 2017

Fashion on Friday

I have actually managed to get some sewing done!  My productivity is a little slow at the moment.

This Daisy Kingdom panel has been sitting in my stash for a while, so I decided yesterday that I would make it.  It looked simple enough but the instructions weren't the easiest to understand as it turns out!  But in the end, I am happy with the result.

It looks really sweet on Pansy and the fit is perfect.

Other makes so far this month include:

A beret to match this cardigan.  (I actually made two of these berets as one was for an order)

This little set is now in my Etsy Shop, MurielMakes

I made a dress for Tui which was shown in an earlier post.

I knitted a jacket for Lewis...especially as it was so cold when he first arrived.

Little Madeline didn't go neglected... after a couple of failed attempts (my sewing machine and I were not on speaking terms for a while!) I made this dress.

Lastly I knitted this pale green dress for her.

I have another jacket for Lewis 'on the needles'.  Currently working on the sleeves so it is nearly finished.


  1. I love the jacket you made for Lewis. Shawl collared wrap jackets are so now. The Daisy Kingdom cut out dress looks fabulous! Madeline has a wonderful wardrobe of dresses. I must get busy making more clothes for Ezri :)

  2. So many lovely outfits, Lorraine :-) Lucky dolls!



  3. I am glad you are starting to sew and knit again - I hope your arm is getting better. The new dress looks very pretty and your knitting is always lovely.

  4. Great jacket for Lewis. I love the color and style. It makes him look quite 'bookish' and intellectual!

  5. Your work is always so admirable! I wish they made a fabric sheet like in the first photo to fit Hans - he might get some sewn clothing if they did. I'm glad you take the time to knit and sew and to share the final results with us.

  6. Oh to have such talent. All your sweet dolls were blessed to receive such wonderful clothing. ❤

  7. Lewis looks like a country gentleman in that jacket, all he needs is a newspaper, an armchair and a cup of tea. Madeline looks very pleased with the new clothes and bluebells.

  8. You've certainly been, as the old saying goes, a 'Busy Bee!'


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