Saturday, 6 May 2017

What's in the box Peggy Sue?

There was quite a bit of excitement in the house the other day for one little girl...

Oh what can this be?  Can I hear noises inside?  Peggy Sue thinks to herself as she listens oh so carefully...

What?!  A box inside a box?  How strange.

Hang on a minute, what is this?  Let me help you.

Hello there!  Are you okay in there?  Peggy Sue asks.

Let me get this off.  The stranger says as he pushes off the head covering.

Peggy Sue helps him out of the box.

There that is better.  Welcome.  She says to him.  You must be my new brother.

This is for you...he says shyly as he hands over a golden egg.

Wow, thank you.  Peggy Sue says as she takes hold of the egg he gives her.

I made sure it didn't break on the way here.  It took longer than I expected!

Never mind, Peggy Sue says to him.  You are here safely now.  What is your name?

My name is Lewis he tells her.  At least I think that is my name.

Peggy Sue gave him a great big hug, but Lewis was a little shy about having that photo published so soon...once he understands Peggy Sue's exuberance, I am sure such future photos will be fine...

A little later after borrowing some clothes as his had got dirty on the long journey here, Lewis goes out to explore the garden.

He was pleased to get out and about in the fresh air.

He heads to the pond.

Hmm...not much in there.  He thinks to himself.

Can I hear birds?  

Lewis tilts his head up to listen to them.

I think I am going to like it here.

Still a little reserved and serious, I am sure Lewis will soon feel more relaxed and happy.


Foot note:  Peggy Sue has been wanting a brother 'her size' for about the last three she has been patient...I tried to tell her these things can't be rushed.  The last few weeks when she heard about her new brother have been 'too long' she told me and it felt like waiting forever...  all good things come to those who wait I explained.


  1. How wonderful for Peggy Sue; and Lewis is such a handsome chap. There's no doubt Lewis will be very happy at Rose Cottage <3 x

    1. Thank you :-)) Peggy Sue is thrilled to have a brother and Lewis I think will eventually get used to Peggy Sue. I am sure he will be happy here.

  2. Welcome Lewis, what a lovely brother for Peggy Sue. He definitely seems a reserved, shy boy, a total contrast to our forthright friend Peggy Sue. I am sure you will be busy knitting for him already.

    1. He is rather shy, but I am sure he will come out of his shell...he will probably be a good contrast to Peggy Sue. Not knitting much at the moment, but hoping to soon.

  3. Lewis is wonderful! What a handsome lad, and he looks so smart in his new clothes. I'm sure that the extroverted Peggy Sue will bring him out of his shell in no time.

    1. Thank you, I am really pleased with him. He might just decide to keep these clothes!

  4. What a charming story and handsome lad. Love the clothes. Did he borrow them from Gregor?

    1. Yes he did Carol. I will have to make him some of his own... the shirt is a little small for him.

  5. He makes a perfect brother for Peggy Sue. And I'm sure he'll enjoy playing with Henry and his buddies.

  6. What a great looking chappie! I think you've got trouble with a capital T on your hands, mixing a ginger with Peggy Sue!

  7. Always a fun time when a new doll arrives to join the family. Our interest is immediately renewed in everything doll related.


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