Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Tuesday Morning in the Garden.

Where are Sophia and Peggy Sue off to I wonder?

Ah, looks like they have spotted a friend enjoying a quiet moment in the garden.

They hurry up so they can go and say hello.

Hi Tui, what are you doing?  Peggy Sue asks.

Just listening to the birds. Tui replies.

It is so lovely out here today, so much better than yesterday.  Just listen to all the birds singing.

Henry sees the girls in the garden and wanders over to say hello.

Hi there.  He says.

Hi Henry.  Sophia replies.

They chat for a while, then Peggy Sue asks him if he can help them get the swing chair set up again.

Of course I will.  Henry tells them.

Not long later...

Thank you Henry.  Peggy Sue says as Sophia enjoys a swing.


  1. It's always nice to get out the lawn furniture in the Spring and start enjoying the outdoors again. Those are lovely dresses on Sophia and Peggy Sue.

    1. It is indeed, although I do wish it would warm up a bit more...

  2. Good to see 'Dear' Henry being as helpful as ever!

    1. You know Dear Henry, always out to please. :-)

  3. Lucky kids - a large garden to play in and their own swing!
    Peggy Sue's dress is especially pretty.

    1. It is a great swing, although got left out for a bit too long last season, so could do with some attention.


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