Monday 22 May 2017

Schoenhut Series - Astrid

A series of posts focusing on my my lovely Schoenhut family as not all of them have ever really been formally introduced properly.  Once they have all been introduced, I will update my Schoenhut Family page.  

Starting with Astrid, a very rare model, this doll is a Graziano smooth-eyed character Schoenhut,  Model 16/307  (Made May 1911 - April 1912)

Her dress and stockings were made by the lady I purchased her from.


  1. Astrid looks very composed. I think she likes your garden. Funnily enough she does remind me of an Astrid I once knew a long time ago when I was in an ice skating team.

  2. Hello Astrid! So nice to meet you.


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