Wednesday 10 May 2017

Back to the Boys!

Wednesday morning has dawned lovely and sunny - yeah for some blue sky - it has been quite dull and grey the last few days.

Of course the boys couldn't wait to get out into the garden, and were surprised to meet another lad wandering around.

Henry introduces himself and Donny to the new boy, Lewis and asks him if he would like to join them.  Naturally Lewis was keen to make new friends.

The wander off down the garden towards the pond.

There are a lot of twigs on the ground!  Henry explains it is the naughty but playful puppy that has littered the garden with sticks.  Lewis volunteers to help them pick them all up later.

At the pond they are disappointed to see it is looking pretty murky.

Donny starts pocking it with a stick...wondering if anything is actually in there.

Henry warns him to be careful and not to fall in, as the water doesn't look particularly clean.  Looks like another job that needs to be done in the garden - cleaning out the pond and refilling and restocking it.

A little later...

The boys are seen up a tree.

Henry tells both Donny and Lewis about the Tree House and the fun they have had with it in the past.  They all decide it must be time to resurrect it and maybe even form a little club.

Donny thinks that would be a great idea...

He becomes lost in thought...

It is a lot of fun being at one with nature.

Hang on a minute, where have the other two got to?  He suddenly realises Henry and Lewis have climbed down from the tree.

Henry asks Lewis what he would like to do for the rest of the day.

Lewis doesn't mind and is open to suggestions.

How about we see if we can move those blue planters that have been moved onto 'our' space while I was in New Zealand.  Henry suggests.  


  1. Nice to see that Henry has a new friend.

  2. Seems a gardener's work is never done!
    It's great Lewis gets along well with his new family. They'll have so much fun in the tree house!

  3. It's nice of Henry and Donny to be so welcoming to Lewis. They're good friends to have. I can sympathize with Donny becoming lost in thought. That often happens to me when I'm outside - usually thoughts of all the things that need to be done!

  4. What wonderful boys Henry and Donny are. I hope they can resurrect the tree house; what fun they'll have!! :)

  5. Two's company, three's a club! There's no telling what trouble 3 boys on the loose will get into! The boys appear to be well-mated and I see instant friendship happening.

  6. Nothing like spring time to awaken thoughts of tree houses and garden fun. It is good to see that Lewis is settling into life with his new family.

  7. It's really interesting too see just how our Gregors/lads while away their time. So different and imo much more exciting than the girls.
    Loving the sound of a Tree House club!


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