Saturday, 5 August 2017

A Game of Pinball

I love finding things that work well with the residents of Rose Cottage.  When I saw this Pinball game I knew it would be perfect for them.

Lewis is the first to try it.  

He pulls the spring loaded peg back.

Checks his score.  

This will be a great game to play with friends, especially on wet days. 


  1. What a great find! I especially like finding things that are wood or metal. That artwork on the box even looks like Lewis! Your kids will definitely get a lot of enjoyment out of this.

  2. Great find! I think I need to go shopping😄

  3. This is so cute! I'm sure the dolls are loving it. :)

  4. Super game find and a perfect size for all your kids. Well done YOU! Looks like they will all be having such fun playing with this.


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