Saturday, 12 August 2017

My Doll Boutique Fun Day Meet Up.

Yesterday at 10 am my friend arrived to pick me to take us both to the annual meet up Fun Day of the group 'American Girl Doll & Friends UK' at 'My Doll Boutique'

We arrived to see this wonderful beach scene set up.  

Looks like a group of friends are already having a lot of fun.

There were sales rails and boxes to rummage in.

Some lovely displays

More sale goodies

My Adventure Bear Potter got in on the act and joined the little girls on the beach.

Henry stops off to chat with Logan and friends.

We are hoping that Logan (or rather one of his clones) will come and live with us at Rose Cottage at some stage in the future.

Peggy Sue joins some girls at the picnic table.

I think the thought of tea and food was very alluring!

Asia joins them. 

She seems to have made a new friend.

Can we get a tent Mum?  Henry asks...

Not this time I am afraid Henry.  Anyway you do have your  tepee. 

There was a very tasty lunch put on for us.

Looks like some are ready to start feasting!

People soon start arriving and enjoying all that is on offer.

Hairdressing and ear piercing was offered for free.

Careful does it!

We had a raffle and this delightful young lady won it, which was just wonderful.  She was so thrilled.

We gather for a group photo in the afternoon before people begin to disperse.

   Me with Nicola the wonderful owner of MDB
Photo courtesy of Kelly B of MDB.

I took Henry, Peggy Sue and Asia with me as well as Matilda, my Australian Girl, but fortunately Kelly B of MDB too a photo. (Thank you Kelly)

Despite me saying to my friend I wasn't going to spend any money, I did. Well it would have been rude not to!  There were so many wonderful special offers.  

A few of my 'spoils'    Some nursing equipment.  I am sure my resident Nurse Elizabeth will be thrilled with these.  She had to rely on some very basic equipment when Anne-Marie was ill a couple of years ago.  You can read the post here:  Hospitalised   There is also a microscope set, I think the microscope itself will be too small, but some of the other equipment will be fine and Peggy Sue and Lewis both have a microscope anyway.    There is a pair of boots, some t shirts, leggings, dress and skirt and some bunting.

A little set consisting of leggings, boots, dress and jacket.

A pair of shoes for my Australian Girl Matilda.  I have discovered that Baby Annabelle shoes fit her.   A coat for one of the Schoenhut girls.

Party fun

We got given a fabulous goodies bag when we left.

A t-shirt that is printed up with the date and name of group, a pair of trainers, some 'cakes' and a voucher.

I came home with ahem...four dolls, two of which will be gifts.  They were very heavily discounted as are 'seconds' but are still quite sweet, so home they came.

I have named them after Nicola and Kelly who work at MDB

Nicola is wearing the new t shirt and £1 skirt I bought, teamed with the trainers received in the gift pack.

Kelly is wearing the outfit she came in.

This girl I have called Raven and I am going to make up a wardrobe for her.

I think she has quite a sweet face.

Her wardrobe will go in this travel trunk 

Doll, trunk and wardrobe are going to be a gift for a special person.

This picnic table came home with me...which will be perfect for the 'Summer Picnic' tomorrow if the weather holds.

Archie and Lewis try it for size.  Peggy Sue had already sat at it during the event and proclaimed it just perfect.

Two chairs also came home with me, which will also be useful for those days the weather is nice.

All in all it was a really enjoyable day with like minded people. We had a good laugh, enjoyed chatting and drinking copious amounts of tea.

A big thank you to Sharlyn for coming up with this event last year and organising it again this year with the wonderful hosts of My Doll Boutique.  

Thank you!


  1. Sounds like you all had a wonderful time, and picked up some really nice things. That picnic table and chairs will look great in your garden and provide much enjoyment for your kids. I do hope that Logan comes to live with you. I think he's a very nice looking lad, and judging from the reviews on the AG website, he has been very well received.

    1. It was a lovely day Steve, and nice to be able to go to it after having to miss the Sasha events. The furniture is great. I am hoping Logan might join the family closer to Christmas time...

  2. I'm so glad you had a fun time at the MDB AG doll day and your purchases are all good ones in my eyes (a certain young person's eyes lit up when I showed her the picnic table). Some mini muffins have just come out of the oven which should fit on it nicely!

    1. Yes, all purchases were carefully thought about...a couple items went back before the end of the afternoon when it came to pay.

  3. WOW!! What a wonderful shop! I'm amazed at all the things you can buy for dolls! Your dolls are so lucky and Peggy Sue was right about the perfect picnic table :) x

    1. It is indeed a wonderful shop and a delight to visit.


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