Wednesday, 9 August 2017

A Rainy Day means Indoor Play

Looking forlornly out the window

watching the rain come down...with no let up it seems.  What to do?  They wonder.

Of course it doesn't take the foursome long to find a game to play.

Lewis suggested the Pinball game which Henry thought was a brilliant idea.

Henry starts.

Oops Henry, it has got stuck!

Shall I move it?  Lewis asks.

No leave it, it might get knocked off by another ball.  Donny suggests.

Peggy Sue gives Henry a clap as he scores a 30.

The little marble is still stuck...I wonder if it will move.

Looks like the next ball knocked it down.

Yippee, cheers Henry

 I scored THREE thirties and two twenties.  That makes 130!

Well done Henry.  Peggy Sue gives him another clap.

Peggy Sue has the next turn.

It is all about concentration Donny, she tells him.

Donny watches intently to see how well Peggy Sue does.

Great first go!

Wow, look at my score!

I didn't do too badly either.  Peggy Sue announces.

30 + 20 + 10 + 20 + 30 = 110!

Not bad Peggy Sue, a little behind Henry though.  Lewis says as he gives her a clap.  

Lewis has a turn and gets 120 and Donny gets the same score as Peggy Sue. 


Later on they are seen playing a game of cards.

Lewis dealt out the cards.

Peggy Sue and Donny look at their cards.

Peggy Sue is pleased with her hand of cards.

Lewis explains the rules - he has done some reading up of cards games.

The game proved to be quite lively!

After lunch out came the dominoes...

The group enjoyed playing together.

Although it was difficult to get the dominoes standing up on the carpet.  

Donny suggested they push the dominoes into the carpet, which worked quite well.

With a temperature of around 13 degrees celcius outside and the rain pouring down, you would think it is autumn, not summer!  Very disappointing summer holidays for the group, but at least they had some games to play to keep them occupied.


  1. A charming story and such well-behaved, well-dressed kids. Easy to get lost in their world!

    1. Thank you, and yes it is very easy to get lost in their world ;-)

  2. Great to see your gang amusing themselves with these well loved old games due to the wet weather keeping them housebound. At least they are using their mind skills and their Mathematical additions are obviously spot on.
    Perhaps the next time they play Dominoes they can each have a piece of stiff card, a book or a coaster to stand their dominoes up on.
    Which of the card games did they play?

    1. That is a good idea Kendal about using a stiff card or book ... I will have to suggest that to them nest time.

      As to which card game they played, I think several by the sounds of it. It got quite rowdy during the game of snap, that is one thing I do remember.

  3. I like their ingenuity of sticking the dominoes into the carpet pile to make the pieces stay upgright. A wooden board for the whole game would have been an alternative solution. I'm glad they found something fun to do indoors during this miserable weather.

    1. A wooden board would have made a lot more sense!

  4. What a good bunch of kids! They didn't sit around moping, but instead made the best of things, and had a really fun time. It looks like Lewis has learned to keep in cards shielded. Hopefully fair weather will return soon.

    1. Today has been lovely, so that is good. Hopefully tomorrow will be good too as the kids are hoping to have a Summer Picnic.

  5. I remember wet school holidays!! We still enjoy traditional games like threes and fives and find the lady when we have family to stay. There's nothing so good as an evening sat around the table playing cards and dominoes :) x

    1. It must be an English thing having wet school summer holidays! My memories of summer school holidays (in NZ) are of being outside everyday, enjoying days at the beach etc... It was 13 degrees here a couple of days ago!! We had to put the heating on!

  6. As school holidays started at last in our part of Germany, we instantly got rain - after weeks of scorching hot sunshine! It seems your kids made the best of the wet weather. Their pinball set is so cute!!

    1. Sounds typical! The weather here has not been especially good since the end of June. Still the kids enjoyed their indoor games.


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