Friday, 18 August 2017

Fashion on Friday

Gosh over two weeks into August.  My last 'Fashion on Friday' post was at the end of July.

The knitting needles have continued to be busy, although I think I may have to rest from knitting for a while as I have developed a sore left thumb!

Lewis has a new 'school' sweater, socks and I also made him a pair of shorts..

This sweater is For Sale and will fit both Gregor and 16 inch Schoenhut dolls like Lewis.

This sweater is sold.  I also made matching socks.

This sweater Lewis decided to keep.

This sleeveless sweater and cap was an order I knitted for a 18 - 19 inch Schoenhut doll, so is shown on Hamish my KnC boy.

A beret was also ordered, which is being modelled by Anne-Marie.

Classic white cardigan

Modelled by the lovely Sophia

Also modelled by Peggy Sue

This cardigan is for sale and available to purchase.

Another cardigan, this time in a pale blue.

Modelled by Sophia

and by Peggy Sue.

This cardigan is SOLD.

I knitted Peggy Sue a cardigan with a variegated blues and light purples.  She can be seen wearing it in the Pinball post and at the Summer Picnic posts.

I have also knitted a lovely turquoise cardigan but that is waiting on some buttons.

In preparation for the Sasha Festival next year I also have a project underway for my hostess gifts - I am being positive in that I am planning that I WILL be pain free enough to go.

Because knitting might be irritating my thumb I thought I would do some sewing and as I had sold the last of my Kiwiana Summer Beach shorts for the Gregor boys I thought I would make some more up.  I have made 14 different pairs of shorts!

Henry is modelling a couple of pairs.

These are the rest.

They are all available to purchase, either through my Etsy Shop, or direct from me (at a slightly reduced rate if happy to pay via paypal using 'friends/family' payments).  My email address is on my For Sale page :)


  1. My goodness! Your industriousness puts me to shame. I'm working my way through another dress for Ezri, a cardigan for myself and I'm hoping to knit a cardigan for Ezri as well. I love Henry's little NZ t-shirt. Is this one of yours too? I'm trying to work out how to do sleeves without having to sew them. I'm thinking I'll try the 'T' shape and see if that works :) x

    1. My industriousness only applies to dolls and dressmaking - lots of other things go by the wayside! Because I have pain all the time, I now do those things I enjoy as opposed to things I don't! Apart from the necessary chores of course.

      My son designed the NZ logo on the t shirt and they were kindly printed by Sashapotamus onto her t shirts.

    2. I'm sorry about the pain you have :( Your little knits are beautiful :) When I eventually knit Ezri's new cardi I will write up the pattern and put it in my blog.
      I've looked up Sashapotamus and the t-shirts and shoes are gorgeous and the P&P is very reasonable too! Hmmm- Ezri might be shopping there soon! :) xx

    3. Thank you Jane. I am in the process of further investigations so I am hoping that eventually it will be sorted out - it has been almost 10 years now! Keeping a note of what I do make is a really good thing though as I often feel I haven't achieved anything, but to see all these little knits and dressmaking projects puts a positive spin on my days.

      I will look forward to seeing your new cardi pattern. I haven't got round to making your other knit yet, but I have printed out the pattern.

      The Sashapotamus shoes are lovely!

  2. I'm glad you're doing a bit of sewing again and the shorts are a nice relatively easy project to do. I didn't know that Sashapotamus does bespoke printing.

  3. Lewis in his first sweater looks like he's about to enroll at Hogwarts.

    1. Thank you for visiting! :-) The pattern was for a Hogwarts sweater by Charla!

  4. You've certainly been a busy-bee!

    1. It is good to see the progress I have made!


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