Friday 29 November 2019

A Sunny Friday Afternoon.

The sun came out today so the boys went out to play

They were wrapped up warm in their cardigans and caps.

They stood chatting for a while trying to decide just what to do as it was pretty muddy and wet on the grass.  They realised they should have had their boots on.

Sticking to the path to start with they made their way down the garden.

The pond was examined.

It really needs a clean out, Lewis pointed out.

It sure does,  Henry agreed.

However, they opted to do that another day as they couldn't find the net to clear the leaves out.

Are you coming up?  Henry and Lewis call down.

I'm not sure I should...

You'll be okay, it is easy really.  They both say.

It looks very high up.

But it is a soft landing if you fall as there are so many leaves on the ground at the moment.  Lewis says....although I don't think that reassured ...



How about we go in for a cup of hot chocolate instead?  It is starting to cool down out here now.

It seems the suggestion of something warm to drink and the possibility of an afternoon snack held more sway than climbing ladders...

The boys agreed they could climb the ladder another day. 


  1. What a handsome no nose lad (and I must say a bit more sensible than either Henry or Lewis at the moment). Glad to see that everyone made it down with no mishaps!

  2. What a fun Fall adventure.


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