Sunday 1 December 2019

Advent 2019 - Day One

Everlee Rose and Henry can't quite believe December is already here...

Henry, it is the first of December today.  Can you believe it?  Everlee Rose asks Henry.

It is incredible isn't it?!  Henry replies.  Time to open the Advent Calendar.

They love the yearly Advent Calendar and are excited to see what this years calendar will bring.

Can you see the first door to open?  Everlee Rose asks Henry

Oh look!  It is down there.  Everlee Rose exclaims as she reaches down to open the little door at the bottom right hand corner.

She sits down to take the little gift out and open it with Henry watching eagerly to see what it is.

Oh how cute.  Everlee Rose says as she shows Henry.

It is a little elf.

He is going to be awful lonely to start with on the scene.  Henry says as Everlee Rose contemplates where to put the little elf.

Oh I am sure he will be fine.  She tells Henry.

There he goes.  She says as she puts him down.

I am sure he has lots of things to be getting on with!  

Well it looks like it is going to be a fun calendar to open this year.  Everlee Rose says to Henry. 

I would say so.  Henry replies.   I bet the others can't wait to open it when it is their turn!


  1. This scene is going to be adorable. I’ve always really liked the elves.

  2. Replies
    1. Brilliant! It is always good fun to see what is added each day.

  3. Thank you. The Playmobile Advent Calendars are usually good fun.

  4. so glad you're doing the advent calendar's almost like a Christmas tradition now!

    1. So glad you are glad! :) It certainly is a Christmas tradition - this is the eighth year!

  5. I can see that Everlee Rose and Henry are going to have big fun helping you with this project.

  6. Oh it is that time of year again! I always enjoy these playmobil calendars. Especially the way you make them come to life with the dolls .Thank you for sharing the fun!Fanny.

  7. 8th year - wow! Looks like it will be a good calendar.


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