Monday 9 December 2019

Advent 2019 - Day Nine

Hey Bobby, do you want a turn today at opening the Advent Calendar?  Henry asks his older brother.

You bet I do!  Bobby replies.

Together the boys look for today's date.

Of course it doesn't take them long to find it and Bobby kneels down so he can open the little door.

I spy with my little eye.... Bobby says.

...the number nine... as he opens the door.

I wonder what is in there?  Henry asks as Bobby shows him the package.

I don't know.  Replies Bobby.  It looks a bit like little pots or buckets.

I'm right!  It is little buckets.  Bobby says to Henry as he shows him the tray with the little pots on.

I think it must be an art set or something.  Henry says.  

Or perhaps it is for the elves to paint the toys?  Bobby suggests.  After all it is Santa's Workshop.

I'll put it down here on the work bench.  Bobby tells Henry.

There are little pots, some paintbrushes and some pens...  Lots to keep the elf busy!

The children all enjoy playing and looking at the scene.

I think they are hoping to catch the elves in the act of actually working on the toys!

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  1. Awww, I like how all of the children have gathered around the scene.


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