Tuesday 3 December 2019

The Dolls' Advent Calendar Challenge - Day Three

Day three is my Wooden Bleuette hand-carved by an online friend of mine. I feel so very very lucky to have this doll and just love her. She is always out and never packed away in a box or otherwise. I have done a 30 day photo challenge with her - gosh probably a couple of years ago now. I followed the making of her when my friend posted the photos on a group we were both on and also on Ipernity I think it was. I never imagined that she would become mine and I am still very grateful to my friend for offering her to me. Thank you again for making me so happy!  She came with a lovely little wardrobe and two pairs of fabulous handmade shoes (actually everything was beautifully handmade), one pair of which she is wearing.

Hazel is wearing a Christmas dress I think I knitted for her last year.

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  1. What a pretty doll. Her dress is lovely.


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