Friday 20 December 2019

Advent 2019 - Day 20

Peggy Sue asks Nomi if she would like to have a turn at opening the calendar today.

Of course she would!

Peggy Sue puts her hand on Nomi's shoulder in a protective manner as she helps her find the door for today.

Having found it, Nomi opens it up and reaches inside. 

She holds out the package to show Peggy Sue.

They take it out of the package and put it together.

It is a little handcart.

This should be useful for the Elves to transport the toys.

They put it down on the scene.

Was that fun?  Peggy Sue asks Nomi.

It was, Nomi shyly replies.


  1. Very sweet of Peggy Sue to get the shy kids involved too. I had no idea that Nomi is nearly Sasha size.

    1. Peggy Sue is thoughtful like that. Nomi was pleased to discover that some of the Sasha dresses fit her! :) Poor love, she tries to look cheerful, but never quite manages it!

  2. It was fun! The girls have such nice outfits.


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