Tuesday 17 December 2019

Advent 2019 - Day 17

Shall we have a turn at opening the Advent Calendar today Sienna?  Lindsey asks.

Oh yes lets.  You do today and I'll have a turn tomorrow.  Sienna suggests.

They hunt for today's date.

Here it is Lindsey says as she points to it.

She reaches over...

and opens the door...

and pulls out the little package.

I've got something!  She tells Sienna.

I wonder what is in it?  Sienna asks.  Come on open it up.

It is a little bucket with food for the reindeer.  Lindsey says as she holds it for Sienna to have a look at.

I'm going to put it down over there.  Lindsey tells Sienna.

He must have been hungry.  He is eating it straight away!  Sienna says as the girls watch.

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  1. Oh how sweet, the big girls take their turn next. They look holiday festive.


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