Sunday 22 December 2019

Advent 2019 - Day 22

Henry asks the newest member of the family if she would like a turn at opening the Advent Calendar.

Baby Natalie looks up at him and indicates that yes she would.

He helps her find the correct day to open.

He helps her open the door as it is a bit high.

Giving the package to her he watches over as she opens it, helping as required.

Of course like most babies, it is often the packaging that fascinates more!

It seems that there is a little hobby horse, tiny doll and sack.

Baby Natalie is fascinated by the little hobby horse.

The toys are placed in the workshop.

So much to look at!

I think she is going to be sitting there for quite a while!


  1. What a caring big brother Henry is, and so smartly attired for the season too!

  2. Baby Natalie is really enthralled with the workshop. She is sitting there so nicely.


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