Thursday 5 December 2019

The Dolls' Advent Calendar Challenge - Day Five

Day Five:  Little Miss Perfekta

This little doll is from my childhood.  I can't remember when I got her, but I know it would have been before the age of six.  She featured a few years ago when I finally made her a little wardrobe of clothes after she had been stored for many years without any clothing.  Not sure what happened to her original clothing as I can't remember her having any!

She was one of the dolls that suffered the fate of the dreaded little sister scribbles.  Fortunately my Mum was able to get all the pen marks off, but unfortunately in the process her hair became very frizzy and resembles a 'brillo pad'. 

I can't remember what I called her, so she became 'Little Miss'.


  1. I love her dress. It's so festive.

  2. Have you tried fabric softener on her hair? I think I've read of other things that might relax it a little.

    1. I think unfortunately it is too far gone for that. I have tried fabric soften on other dolls hair in the works for some and not others.


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