Tuesday 31 December 2019

A Creative Year

My goal this year was to focus on making as much as possible instead of buying.  Sure some buying has happened, but I think I have sold more than I have bought, and I have definitely made more!  I actually amazed myself at just how much I have made, especially considering my Dad's accident and hence my extended stay in NZ, my subsequent ill health and the months it took for a diagnosis and treatment. It has been a truly creative year.  I haven't added all the items up (specifically the amount of knitting and sewing of clothes) so here is a bit of a summary:


22 Tiny Rag Dolls  (I think this is correct! Of which two were gifted to friends, one was a swap)
1 crochet doll
Almost finished carving a Hitty doll
Made a Penny Wooden Doll
Two Cloth Kit dolls & their dog

Creative Critters:

Geoffrey the Llama
Little Pink Pig
Crochet Bear
Crochet Tiny Bear
Barnaby Bear for hubby
Sally the Arapawa Sheep for my DIL
Martha the Elephant
Mavis Elephant
Maude Elephant
Hilda Lawrence,
Howard Bear Lawrence
Leonard (Gifted to a friend for Christmas)
Three other bears.
Tiny Bear (Gifted to a friend for Christmas)
Horse on wheels
Knitted Kitten
Knitted Chicken


Delphine's hair and a new pair of shoes


Home for Martha,
Bed with sheets, pillows, bedspread, blanket & quilt
Hitty quilts


Various items of Clothing such as coats, dresses, jumpers, shawls, socks, hats, etc... made for:

Baby Sasha
Schoenhut - commissions
Peggy Sue
American Girl Dolls
Hitty dolls
Tiny Rag Doll clothing
Other Misc. Doll Clothing
Clothing for Martha the Elephant
Clothing for Howard Bear and friends.

I've also done some scrapbooking, recording my Tiny Rag Doll creations as well as  Hitty Scrapbook.

Not doll or toy related:

Christmas Centrepiece patchwork for son and daughter in law.

I am sure I have probably missed something, and I had hoped to add photos to this listing...may be I will go back and edit this post at some stage in the next week if I get a chance to add the photos.

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  1. Wow, this is amazing! You have made so many wonderful things.


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