Sunday 15 December 2019

The Dolls' Advent Calendar Challenge - Days 8 - 15

Although I have been taking the daily photos for this challenge, I haven't gotten round to posting them, so am just going to post the last eight days today!

Day 8: Madeline

This sweet little doll featured a lot in 2017 and I did quite a few stories with her...she hasn't seen as much action the last year!

Day 9:  Bobby

This lovely lad is known as Henry's older brother... he has often in the past got up to some antics with his friend Hamish.

Day 10:  Hamish

Hamish is also a Kidz n Cats doll.  He is friends with Bobby and is Rory's cousin.

Day 11: Gigi

Is a little Ruby Red Galleria doll that I found by pure chance when searching UK Ebay a year or so ago for a Perfekta Gigi Doll.  Knowing that this dolls virtually NEVER come available in the UK, and having admired a Sasha friend's doll for a number of years I didn't hesitate.  I need to do more with her.  I think it will help if I give her her own name.

Day 12:  Hitty Joyful

Hitty Joyful is the proprietress of Rose Cottage Tearooms and is always cheerful.  She is wearing her new dress that she got sent ready for a New Year's Eve party

Day 13:  Melody Maplethorpe

Is a petite little lady who fits in well with the TRDs.  I think she may also work well with Muriel Singer, but I won't know until she is unpacked.  

Day 14:  Fisherman's Wife

I bought this doll a number of years ago at an Antiques Fair.  She is completely handmade.  Her face looks like it is made from a wax type material, but I am really not sure.

Day 15:  Sailor Boy

This lad was bought at the same time as the Fisherman's Wife. 

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  1. I enjoyed the parade of dolls. They are all so nicely dressed. I love seeing Hitty Joyful. She just makes me smile.


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