Monday 2 December 2019

The Dolls' Advent Calendar Challenge - Day Two

My Doll for Day two is the one who I believe has been with me the longest as I got her as a young child while still living in England. She is my childhood Palitoy Walking Talking Doll.  I have photos of her with me when I was a little girl. She is wearing one of her oldest dresses. I still have what I believe is her original. This dress has a few nibble holes. The bracelet she is wearing is one my Dad made her.  (I have told some or most of this story before)

Sadly she got put in a shed after I moved away from home and had her thumb chewed off by rats. I'd left her inside ready for when I could send for her, but for some reason she got moved...that will always remain unfathomable. When I first came to England I thought it would just be for a few years which is why I left my precious dolls safely in my old bedroom wardrobe,or so I thought but was sadly disappointed, and in the end devastated at their destruction. I lost several dolls and soft toys that I had had since a baby that were in excellent condition but were destroyed by rats.

It is a lovely day today although very cold!  We quickly popped outside for a photo shoot.

I've cut out a Daisy Kingdom Christmas dress this morning. Once I have made it I will see if it fits her as as to my knowledge she has only ever had just the two dresses.  

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  1. She is a cutie in spite of her accident.

    I left some of my rubber-ish dolls in an unheated attic and un-air conditioned when I went away to college. They melted and cracked and fell apart. I felt sad also.

    I still have my Chatty Cathy as she was kept at my grandmother's house.


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