Sunday 29 December 2019

Creative Weeks 33 & 34

As most of what I made during week 33 was for Christmas presents, I held off showing them until now.

For an IG friend I made this little bear and patchwork quilt.

I made a coat for Howard Bear - whom incidentally I seem to have forgotten to introduce!

I made Howard at the end of November and finished him on the 1st.  When I put Howard next to 'Lawrence' I realised I had made a grave mistake and Lawrence was actually a 'she' and Lawrence was in fact their surname....and so without further ado, let me introduce Hilda and Howard Lawrence (usually known as Howard Bear).

I made Hilda's skirt and Howard's trousers and jumper.

I knitted Little Gem a Christmas dress.

I made a Christmas dress for Natalie, my new baby.

Plus I knitted her some booties and then a romper suit.

For another friend I made a dress for a teenage type doll such as Sindy etc... a little knitted dress for her Nancy Ann Story book doll and a shawl. (I forgot to take individual photos of them)

I made Kiwi Sindy a Christmas dress with some lovely fabric that was on special in John Lewis before Christmas.  

I also made Gorgeous Sindy a Christmas dress.

Lastly I got this fabulous vintage cloth kit fabric sheet for Christmas from a friend. Don't worry there is a fourth arm pattern, it was just loose and I missed it out of the photo.

 I finished them on Friday.

I thought of a really good name for them both, but then promptly forgot it!  Hopefully it will come to me again as I think it really suited them.


I will try to sum up my 'Creative 2019' if I can before the New Year!  


  1. I love Hilda and Howard! They're quite a fashionable looking bear couple.

  2. Wow, you have been busy. I am happy to meet the Lawrences. They look like a very chic couple. I love the Christmas ball dress for baby Natalie.

    I look forward to seeing your "Creative 2019" parade.

  3. Hilda has attitude! I love the notes on those bear, very expressive.
    Handmade gifts are very special.


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