Sunday 22 December 2019

An amazing find!

Well yesterday I received a very pleasant surprise when browsing the charity shops in the Sailors town.  Looking through a bundle of toys I spied a familiar looking leg.  It was a Sasha Baby leg!  Pulling the baby out I was even more surprised to see the price tag!  Needless to say there was absolutely no hesitation whatsoever.  What a great Anniversary present!

Here she is getting into mischief at the Sailor's house...

She is fascinated by the lettered lights.

Says hello to the reindeer

Watches the train go by with Howard Bear.

Has a better look when it is stationery.

Here are the photos I took once home...

Yes that is the price!  A mere £1.30!  I've dreamed of finding a Sasha or Gregor doll in a charity shop for years...never did I think I would find one, and whilst 'just' a baby, I am absolutely thrilled.  It really did make my day and I fair skipped back to my son's place.

Today I found something for her to wear.

A photo without flash.

With flash.

I'm hoping to make a Christmas outfit...but we discovered a leak in my sewing studio/storage shed and a lot of stuff was sopping wet, so we had to clear that, and sort out all my music that had sustained water damage to try and dry it out.  Of course this now means that I am in even more of a disorganised state as all my music is now up at the house!

I looked up the 'name day' for the 21st December and it was Natalie so I looked up what that meant, and found this:

From the Late Latin name Natalia, which meant "Christmas Day" from Latin natale domini. 

I thought this is probably the perfect name for her, even though it isn't actually Christmas Day yet, it is near enough!


  1. What a sweet doll. That name suits her perfectly.

    I used Google to see what the price is in American dollars. It's under two dollars. That is an amazing find!

    I am sorry about the water damage to your things. That is awful.

  2. £1.30 !!**!!?? Gosh, someone in the charity shop doesn't know anything about dolls lol.
    What an absolutely fabulous find.

  3. What a lovely find for a Sasha-phile! She looks to be in such excellent condition too. I still hope to find one some day. Merry Christmas!


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