Sunday 8 December 2019

Creative Week 31

Mainly a bit of sewing on the creative front this week, although not a lot.

A dress for Wren.  I wanted to make her a Christmas themed not really sure why I chose this fabric, seems, I now need to make her an ACTUAL Christmas dress, or so I have been informed anyway!

I've had this cloth kit Daisy Kingdom fabric for some time now so thought I would finally make up the dress.

It seemed to big for the American Girl dolls and my Daisy Kingdom doll is currently packed away so I tried it on Linda.  I'm glad it turned out too big for the American Girl dolls, as it looks great on Linda and fits her well.

I had another cloth kit fabric so I made that up as well. 

It fits Sienna Saige beautifully.

I've still got to sew up the little Scottie dog and the bag which I will probably do this coming week.

I've done some knitting and sewing for a Hitty Group challenge, but can't show those yet.

I made this bear last week, but couldn't show him until this week once I had given him to my friend for Christmas.  Yes we gave  (and opened) our presents early!.  

I was thrilled to watch the expression on her face when she opened him.  Reactions like that make the creative process of making a gift all the more worth while.

She has named him Leonard. 

I am hoping to make some Christmas gifts this week....that is the goal anyway...whether or not I achieve them is another matter!


  1. I love the dresses you made! I didn't know about these kinds of kits. They look like fun.

    Leonard is adorable. He looks quite festive in the outfit you made for him. I am looking forward to seeing what gifts you received from your friend.

    1. I think the kits are probably quite old? They were given to me a few years ago. I have made one other up, it was really pretty and one of my Daisy Kingdom dolls wears it.

      Ha ha, the gift I have received from my friend is a little different! Not sure my blog is ready for 'him' to be let loose on it yet! :D


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