Saturday 7 December 2019

Advent 2019 - Day Seven

Gosh it is the seventh day of Advent already.  Henry tells the girls as he looks at the Advent Calendar.

There it is.  Says Everlee.

Everlee has another turn at opening the calendar having spotted the little door for day seven very quickly.

It's a little desk.  Everlee says holding it out to show the others.

Just what Father Christmas needs.  Says Sophia.  

I'll pop it down here for now until Father Christmas decides where he wants it.  Everlee says as she puts it down it in the workshop.

Peggy Sue claps her hands in excitement.  Perfect!  She exclaims.

Father Christmas looks pretty pleased with the new acquisition.

I hope I am on the nice list.  Everlee says to Henry a bit worried.

Of course you will be.  Henry reassures her.


  1. What a cute desk.
    I am sure that all of the children are on the nice list.

    1. Yes fortunately they are all pretty good here at Rose Cottage :)


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