Tuesday 3 December 2019

Advent 2019 - Day Three

Shall we open the calendar today Sophia?  Peggy Sue asks.

Oh yes let's!  Sophia replies.

Now where is today's little door?  They both wonder out loud.

Here it is.  Says Peggy sue and she kneels down to open it.

I wonder what will be inside? 

It looks like the bits to make a bike.  Sophia says as Peggy Sue holds the bag to show her.

It is a bike!

The girls had very ably put the bike together.

Peggy Sue sits down to put the little bike on the scene.  

I think it is better here.  She says to Sophia as she moves it.  What do you think?

That is perfect.
  Sophia agrees.  The little elf can then do any work on it that he needs to in order to get it ready for Christmas day.

Of course!  Peggy Sue agrees.

I think I might stay here and watch and play awhile.  She tells Sophia.


  1. the elf probably appreciates them assembling the bike for him!! He'll have plenty of work ahead!

  2. I am with Peggy Sue. I would want to play for a while also.


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