Tuesday 24 December 2019

Advent 2019 - Day 24 - Christmas Eve!

Christmas Eve - Yippee!  Henry and Everlee are very excited.

Of course it is only right that Henry gets to open the Calendar today.

Gosh it is a great big door at the bottom, I wonder what can be inside it?

Henry pulls the package out and sits down in order to open it and make it up.  Everelee watches on and Baby Natalie has crawled over to see as well.

A sleigh, what fun!

Henry sticks the stickers on and sets it up with the reindeer.

Natalie is fascinated with it.

Onto the scene it goes... ready for deliveries!

What a fun Advent Calendar this has been.  Check back tomorrow morning to see the scene in all its glory!


  1. I think I had as much fun as the children did. I have never had an advent calendar. The only ones I have seen are the ones where one puts things in pockets. This seems like much more fun. I look forward to seeing the entire scene.

  2. Merry Christmas! I fell a couple of months behind reading your blog. It was so much fun catching up. Your creativity & productivity amaze me. I've been following Baby Natalie & am delighted & excited for you. What a thrilling find. Have a blessed holiday. --Paula--

  3. I would say this calendar was a real winner. We really enjoyed it. Merry Christmas to all at Rose Cottage!

  4. This is definitely one of the better Advent Calendars and I think you were right to move to the Playmobil versions again. I hope you had a lovely Christmas.


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