Monday 25 November 2019

Peggy Sue's Party

Well it didn't go quite as planned, so I had to leave her to it, so there is rather a lack of photos although I did manage to get a couple in the early stages....

Peggy Sue was surprised at the arrival of Chrissy, Sienna Saige and Lindsey  as she wasn't expecting a party this year as a lot has been going on and a lot of her family and friends at Rose Cottage are currently in doll hibernation.  They decided to wear their knitted dresses to the party this year as they heard Peggy Sue might be wearing hers...

They were delighted to find out she was!

Peggy Sue apologises for the lack of decorations but Chrissy assured her that she was sure things would liven up as soon as the guests began to arrive.

Lewis and Henry made their way to the party after having been out getting some cakes...but hang on a minute, they appear to be empty handed!

Soon their other guests began to arrive.

First her friends from Ravelry...

Gemma and Star made a cake as they heard that I was too busy.

Hazel's girls always arrive in style and we were keen to see how they would arrive this year...

Ruthie didn't disappoint arriving on a hover craft which was loaned to her by a wealthy friend for the trip.  He said it was fast enough to get her there in a few hours and sure enough she was.

Penny's Saige and Jess realised that their brother could attend Peggy Sue's birthday party too without the burden of another plane ticket if he worked as a flight attendant.  Here is is collecting their boarding passes.  Jess had a surprise for Penny Sue in her bag.

A few of Peggy Sue's friends from the Schoenhut Cafe on FB also attended which was fun...

Penny K's lovely children brought lots of sweets to eat...  Little Birdie Celeste has her eyes on the tray of doughnuts that her big sister Cookie is bringing out.  Silus in the back has his eyes on them too by the looks of things!

Dolli's children were ready early to join in the fun!

Little Vivi got a new pink dress for herself and her little doll! 

Thank you to all who 'attended' and for the use of your photos on the blog.   Sorry the plans went slightly astray, but it was good that a party was had regardless!  


  1. Well, It looks like everyone, near and far, had a good time. Doll hibernation - LOL, I actually kind of like that idea. Is there a version of that for big folks too? I wouldn't mind hibernating until spring!

    1. It seems they did despite it not going quite as to plan. As for the human equivalent of doll hibernation...I guess it depends if you want to be packed up in tissue paper and a cardboard box! ;) Very big grin! Winter kind of has that effect though doesn't it? Very dark and dreary here today.

  2. It looks like a lovely day was had by all who attended. I'm sorry we missed the fun.

    1. Sometimes other things just get in the way despite our best intentions...

  3. It looks like fun - sorry things were extremely busy here then and my girls missed out. One of my childhood dolls wanted to come although Sonja Henie was arguing that it was her turn. Maybe Sonja can come next year.


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