Sunday 17 November 2019

Creative Week 28

Not a huge amount of knitting or sewing done this week as we have been busy with other things and in the evening when I would normally knit I have been doing some journalling instead.  

Hitty Mildred had a shawl knitted to match her dress.

I've been working on a Christmas Star quilt - the end pieces have since been sewn on, I just haven't done an updated photograph.  Now deciding how I want to finish it off.

NZ Girls Jill & Shirley have new cardigans.

Much better to be warm when exploring out in the garden.

I'd like to make a few more little cardigans for TRDs.

Hitty Morag also has a new cardigan.

My creative output is probably going to decrease over the next few weeks with the lead up to Christmas and various commitments etc that will occupy my time.  

I've also been thinking about what I want to do next year with the dolls etc...  In the New Year I'd like to get back into writing the Sasha & Gregor stories that I used to do.  I may even go back to posting those on my original Sasha blog, I'm not sure yet.  I really like just having the one main blog, it is much easier for me and I like to have it all in one place, but I also wonder if having a separate blog for them might help the focus.  Just food for thought at the moment. 

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  1. I love the little cardigans. How can you knit things that are so tiny? Wow!

    I will be happy with whatever you write about next year. I am enjoying the Hitty stories because I don't know much about the Hitty dolls.

    I am also enjoying the TRD stories.

    I hope Henry will have a story in the new year. I like reading about his adventures.


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