Thursday 9 January 2020

What name?

Sometimes I struggle with names, sometimes they come easily.  I think more recently naming of the dolls and other beings who live at Rose Cottage has become harder.  Is this a reflection of how many I have?  Or perhaps some just take longer to decide 'who' they are.  Below is one of my lads who seems to have just not settled into his name...  This is his current details:

Name: Albert Jack

Birth Year: 1965

Age: 11

Sibling:  Marcia

Favourite Animal: Undecided.

Favourite Colour:  Earthy tones.

Personality: Determined

Hobbies: Yet to be confirmed

Albert arrived home this morning from having 'surgery' on his hypermobile joints.  He featured before Christmas with Henry during the opening of the Advent Calendar, and I knew then he really needed some 'medical' attention as he was very floppy and was having difficult standing up straight.  He is now much happier and looking forward to taking part in adventures once more. 

Now he is feeling like a 'new man' as he told Henry, while they were out in the garden, he is thinking about a new name.

Names he has toyed with in his mind so far are:

Marcus & Boris.   

Both strong names, or so I have been told. I think he has been watching too many Russian films where the protagonist is called Boris!  Although he said he chose the name after a 16th Century Emperor.  Marcus is of course - so I am reliably informed - Marcus Aurelius, a notable 2nd Century Roman Emperor.  He seems to have done his research, that we have to admit.  I think prefer Marcus ...but will have to wait for him to decide as he seems to have a very strong and determined look on his face, so best to leave it up to him.

Henry was pleased his friend was back from his 'surgical' procedure as it means he has a mate to go around with.  Henry is hoping he will like the 'great outdoors' as much as he does and so they spent some time outside together.

Henry told him he had cleaned out the nature pond while he in 'hospital', he told Henry  he did a pretty good job after inspecting it.  

Fortunately they got out in the garden this morning to look at it, as by mid-afternoon the lovely blue sky and sunshine had disappeared, the sky turned black, the heavens opened, and the rain poured down!


  1. He's a very handsome lad. I love his nicely tousled hair, rather than the 'scrub brush' look that my no nose boy Rolf has. I've given most of my Gotz kids German names, though some are actually not German (just like some of my English kids are not English - it's rather complicated!). I actually like Albert, because it makes me think of Prince Albert, who was in fact German, but became a Brit. I prefer Marcus over Boris. He could be called Marc for short by Henry and his other mates. Not crazy about Boris as it always makes me think of Boris Badenov from the old Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoons (don't know if they were ever shown in the UK). Just off the top of my head, I would say he looks like an Anton, but I can't really say why. I sometimes have trouble coming up with names too, and a few times I think I really missed the mark, but all the kids remain who they are. I do have a name suggestion for your NZ bear - "Enzie"!

    1. Yes I liked the idea of a German name as well, and have been pouring over the various names, trying to work out what 'fits'. I do like the name Albert as well, so he may well keep it yet...although he is currently insisting on a name change!

      Never heard of those cartoons, someone else mentioned them as well, I will have to look them up. I prefer the name Marcus as well...but still undecided.

      I like the suggestion of Enzie for the NZ Bear, very clever play on words and would naturally work well.

    2. I like the name Enzie!
      Rocky and Bullwinkle were my all time favorite cartoons! I gave myself a gift of the entire series on DVD.

    3. I must have missed the Anton suggestion when I read your comment, I like that as well. for thought.

  2. How nice that Henry has a friend to pal around with. I am sure that Henry was a big comfort as he would remember his own time in the "hospital."

    Albert Jack looks like a "Milo" to me. That name just popped into my head.

    Luckily the friends were out and about before it began to rain.

    1. I like the name Milo, it reminds me of the hot chocolate drinks I used to have as a child on camps.


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